Client Testimonials

Our customers are the reason we exist. Exceeding their expectations is always our goal.

Diamond Sea Glaze

Top Hinged Window

WOW! The window turned out exactly as we had envisioned. We were able to mount the frame in the dodger without a problem and we continue to have neighbors on the dock tell us how great the window looks.
We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to you and the rest of the DSG team. To say that we are impressed is an understatement. It’s our understanding that the order we placed for our frame and window arrived on your desk during an extraordinarily busy time in DSG history. Despite the heavy workload that was being faced we received excellent communication in the form of numerous phone calls and emails throughout the process, and the finished product that was shipped to us speaks to the commitment to quality of all the individuals that were involved in our project. Kudos to the entire team!
When we began the dodger project (14 months ago!) we knew the finishing touches, like windows, could make or break the design. DSG came through in a big way for us and we ask that you please share our appreciation with all the folks that were a part of the process.
Best wishes for continued success. We will be quick to recommend DSG in the future.

Craig & Krystle McMaster
January 22, 2016


Diamond Sea Glaze

Belinda – Defiance Boats

Tell me about your company – What is the speciality? What markets you cover?
Defiance Boats is a fiberglass boat manufacturer. We offer fishing boats from 15-29 feet in the Defiance and Arima boat lines.
How many years have you known Diamond Sea Glaze?
For some reason, we have not purchased much from Diamond Sea Glaze since 2010. I joined Defiance in July 2013, I learnt that we were having constant issues with our supplier of doors and windows. We faced issues related to product quality, wrong sizes, delivery and even response times. We started looking at alternative suppliers and re-established a business relationship with Diamond Sea Glaze.
Which Diamond Sea Glaze products do you use?
We use 65” tall glass doors with aluminum frames and front opening windows. I remember my guys’ reaction when we installed the first window from the first delivery. The quality and finish was awe-inspiring.
Why do you do business with Diamond Sea Glaze?
The overall quality of Diamond Sea Glaze is just so much better. The finish, accuracy of sizing, the way products are crated, everything is done so nicely. It is a real pleasure working with the Diamond Sea Glaze sales representative. We started with a five window order and ordered more windows and doors after seeing the quality of our first order. It felt like this company knows its business and understands customer requirements. The new order of doors came in yesterday and I am looking forward to checking all of the details.
Would you recommend Diamond Sea Glaze to other boat builders?
Yes. There’s a reason I am doing business with Diamond Sea Glaze. I get a better quality product over other companies and they do it right. They deliver!

Belinda – Defiance Boats
September 24, 2015


Freeman Marine

Self Opening Doors

Dear Sir/Madam,
Just a short note to thank you. Harkin Boat builders have just installed one of your electric doors. My impressions are as follows:

  • Delivery time – Terribly slow
  • Price- I thought was expensive until I saw the door installed
  • Quality – Superlative. Built like a Lexus
  • After sale support – Exemplary. An electrical problem was quickly resolved by one of your technicians ( I think called Doug ) who left his after hours number for the electrician in case of problems
  • Operation of the door – Perfect

I have commissioned a new vessel to be built by Q-West in NZ and it will be fitted with the same type of door. Thank you and regards to all involved.

Allan Drinkrow
April 18, 2014


Freeman Marine

Thank You Very Much!

I wanted to thank you again for your extraordinary and outstanding efforts to ensure that the door we ordered was delivered on time to install it on our container before it was shipped to Fukushima Japan. The container is part of a system to remove the strontium from the waste water at the failed nuclear reactor, so time is of the essence. You clearly went above and beyond the call of duty, driving all night long to deliver the door the first thing in the morning. The container shipped out late that same night.
Thank you again.

Jim Homan
March 11, 2014