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Freeman Marine

Subject: Self Opening Doors

Dear Sir/Madam,
Just a short note to thank you. Harkin Boat builders have just installed one of your electric doors. My impressions are as follows:

Delivery time – Terribly slow

Price- I thought was expensive until I saw the door installed

Quality – Superlative. Built like a Lexus

After sale support – Exemplary. An electrical problem was quickly resolved by one of your technicians ( I think called Doug ) who left his after hours number for the electrician in case of problems

Operation of the door – Perfect

I have commissioned a new vessel to be built by Q-West in NZ and it will be fitted with the same type of door.

Thank you and regards to all involved.

Allan Drinkrow
April 18, 2014


Freeman Marine

Subject: Thank You Very Much

Regarding the excellent service provided by Freeman Service Manager David Zuch


I wanted to thank you again for your extraordinary and outstanding efforts to ensure that the door we ordered was delivered on time to install it on our container before it was shipped to Fukushima Japan.  The container is part of a system to remove the strontium from the waste water at the failed nuclear reactor, so time is of the essence.  You clearly went above and beyond the call of duty, driving all night long to deliver the door the first thing in the morning.  The container shipped out late that same night.

Thank you again.

Jim Homan
Richland, WA
March 11, 2014


Steelhead Marine

Subject: Customer Service

Courtesy of  Pacific Asia Enterprises, manufacturers of Nordhavn Yachts, from its online NordhavnDreamers Yacht Group:
Our Steelhead Marine Davit controller packed up mid operations, a week ago Saturday, luckily this was whilst I was parking the crane a few minutes after launching the rib.

I couldn’t see any obvious part to hit with a hammer so I called Neil Russell at Nordhavn Europe office. Two hrs later I was connected with Brent Murphy of Steelhead Marine in Canada who emailed me a wiring diagram and suggested a work round routine using the battery pack of my cordless drill as a power supply to energise the appropriate solenoids manually.(useful tip that).

By late afternoon we had the Davit safely stowed in the parked position. The work round wasn’t slick enough to make me want to push my luck and recover the rib so we towed it instead. no big deal.

Later that evening we got an email from Brent to say he had checked our details, that the controller was covered under warranty, and that he planned to despatch a replacement Monday.

That replacement arrived three days later, Canada to Scotland.

I had asked Brent if he could send a spare solenoid coil just in case that was an issue too. He sent two, free gratis along with the warranty controller for, as he put it “the inconvenience of us having to tow our rib”.

He is currently refurbishing the original controller so I will have this as an economical spare.

Really impressed and appreciative of this kind of first class service, and great to have such ready access to this level of support. Deserves recognition, hence mentioning it here.

If the controller had failed with the dingy hanging overboard then knowing the workaround would have been more critical. It’s not difficult but having a wiring diagram, knowing which solenoid does what and how to activate them with an independent power supply as above all in advance of such an event would make life a lot easier if it happens.”


Gordon & Margaret
m/v “due North”
Nordhavn 63-04


Steelhead Marine

Subject: ES1000 Installation

The Steelhead installation went well and we were able to bolt directly to the GB installed internal brass deck plate without any trouble.  The slightly larger base footprint covered all the Aritex “sins”.  And we have more room now to access the outboard side of the unit.

We have only done two dinghy unloads and loads, but all appears well as far as reach and lengths are concerned.  We lost a lot of weight aloft, and appreciate the compact profile, internal base configuration and much slower action.  Color is a good match.

We did not quite make the boom to reside inside the rail.

GB would be crazy not to install your units on all their new builds!”

With thanks,
Deltaville Boatyard