Advanced Bending Technologies

Advanced Bending Technologies provides bending services for any profile of material for markets and customers around the world.  We have grown steadily from a small shop in the early 1980s to a multi-facility operation today, and are proud to be the genesis for the AdvanTec family.  With two plants and decades of experience, Advanced Bending Technologies has the capacity, experience and quality deserving of your trust.

Across our two production facilities, we provide roll bending, draw bending, and forming of all profiles up to 48″ NPS (any radius), and induction bending up to 48″ NPS and 40 foot CLR (12,000mm Centre Line Radius).  Our capacities are some of the largest in the industry, which is why we are often the first and last stop for our customers.

Advanced Bending celebrated 30 years in Canada in 2012.  Our staff of 40 have a combined 270 years of experience in the industry, and a number of them have been with us for decades.  As a result, we have many years of innovation in bending across industries, including hallmark projects in art, sport and leisure, aerospace, marine and oil & gas. Highlights include:

>  tight tolerance elliptical bends for tooling for composite airliners
>  tight tolerance, high profile elements of major sporting events and facilities
>  elegant large scale sculptural artwork and architecturally inspiring arched bridges
>  high volume production runs for coriolus mass flow meter applications


Advanced Bending has been ISO Certified since 2006.  We have dedicated quality technicians and on site, third party NDT to ensure that we meet (and often exceed) our customers’ expectations.

We are proud to have Supplier of Choice and Approved Vendor agreements with a number of our customers.  We are even more proud that many of our customers send us work without bidding the project, indicating a level of trust that is rare in any industry. Many of them refuse to use anyone else for the work that we do. We treat that trust with the care and respect it deserves, and are proud to be our customers’ preferred supplier.