Manly Marine

Manly Marine manufactures the best water and air-tight closure systems available. Our products, proven in fleet and shipyard, are specified by designers and refitters who want absolute performance, safety and security. Manly Marine manufactures to industry standards, as well as applying those standards to custom designs developed by the company itself or supplied by the client.

Developed Within The Ship Building Industry

The Vancouver company had its beginnings in 1946. Founder John Manly built small commercial vessels, expanding into steel and aluminum construction of fish boats, tugs and patrol vessels. He observed problems with the marine closures of the day and applied himself to the development of better designs. His objective was to produce closures that were impervious to extremes of cold and heat, and were rugged and watertight. His first solution was a sandwich construction of aluminum laminated to a cedar core, closed by a quick-acting single lever.He went into production, first of all to equip his own vessels and then for clientele in British Columbia and beyond as the excellence of his product became known.

Lasting Quality And Security

Today, Manly doors, windows and hatches are a standard in the industry, carrying forward the tradition of innovation and high quality. They are relied upon by conscientious builders of workboats, tugs, fishing vessels, freighters, tankers, passenger vessels and ferries. Make every aspect of your construction a sure thing – specify Manly Marine Closures.

Commercial / Specialty Products

Over the years Manly Marine has become well respected in the commercial land based industry as a proven manufacturer providing custom manufactured closures for special applications. This includes installation of doors and hatches in water treatment plants, hydroelectric installations, dams, pump stations, elevator shafts and research facilities calling for sealed environments. Most recent installations include fire rated flood doors designed to withstand the extreme conditions of that “once in a 100 year flood.”