Whether it is designing and manufacturing the world’s most secure weather tight marine closures or engineering astonishing support structures for bridges, the team at AdvanTec is driven by passion, and an insatiable urge for creativity.

Our Brands

AdvanTec is a collaboration of brands, each brand with a long history of service to marine and industrial clients from around the globe. Our family of brands combined with state of the art manufacturing facilities in Canada and the US allow us to provide competitive solutions to our customers, as we have unmatched control over the quality, price, and production times of our product with minimized outsourcing.



Our Capabilities

We’re customer driven. Through our process of customer consultation and creative and collaborative thinking we develop innovative design solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs. AdvanTec brings experience to every project, including comprehensive certification and class requirements expertise. We have an experienced and passionate team ready to assist you in the design process. In addition to our certification all our plants are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Pipe Bending

Paint & Powder Coating

Complex Structures

Custom Glass

Boiler Pipe Coiling

Custom Marine Closures

Custom Cranes & Davits

Custom Fabrication

Large Diameter Piping

Pressure Vessel Welding

Have a project?

At AdvanTec we are committed to delivering manufacturing solutions across various industries to meet customer’s requirements. With industry specialists with collaboratively over 50 years experience, you will matched with the expert for your project that will work with you closely through the complete manufacturing process.