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AdvanTec Marine Sponsoring Team Mojo at the Van Isle 360 Sailing Race

With the success of our last year’s sponsorship for the Vic-Maui sailing race, AdvanTec is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring yet another yacht who will be participating in the Van Isle 360 race annual sailing race on June 1st 2019. We are excited to sponsor team “Mojo” featuring AdvanTec’s own Isa Rosli [...]

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Team Anjo Finishes Vic-Maui Race!

After 14 grueling days Team Anjo finishes the Vic to Maui Sailing Race on July 16th, 2018. Please watch the above video which features our Victoria send off with the team on the last days before the race. While on our visit to Victoria we were able to sit down with [...]

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