After 14 grueling days Team Anjo finishes the Vic to Maui Sailing Race on July 16th, 2018. Please watch the above video which features our Victoria send off with the team on the last days before the race.

While on our visit to Victoria we were able to sit down with the skipper and boat owner, Clayton Craigie. Craigie is a Australian veteran-ed sailor who has been sailing since he was a little boy. Craigie explains “This is my 4th Vic-Maui and my 7th trip across the Pacific, so obviously I’m of advanced years now. This is my last great adventure.” This being the final sailing race for Craigie made this a very meaningful and special race for him and his crew involved.   

The sun was shining and the wind was blowing on an energetic race day as the teams said their goodbyes to family and friends.  When the horn was blown and the race commenced, Anjo had a bit of trouble with their main halyard which resulted in them to have little bit of a walk about before being able to cross the starting line. Isa Rosli who is member of the AdvanTec team and was participating with team Anjo in the race, was able to keep communication via satellite phone and sent us this message on their progress midway through the race. “Finally got the chance to connect. Race is good now. A bit of technical difficulty at the start. Our main halyard got stuck when hoisting hence a few minutes delay at the start. We actually need that smaller main sail for the wind condition which works well but only for the first couple of days. After we hit the Pacific high winds we used that opportunity to to fix that issue by hoisting Lorne to the top of the mast! We got our wind back and now we just keep racing to catch up next to our next target.” As Isa noted, it was their collaborative efforts which fixed their issue and kept them moving forward in the race. We are very happy to hear that they were able to come together to to resolve their problem and finish the race safely.

AdvanTec is proud of team Anjo and the everyone from the company congratulates the crew on completing such an amazing feat. The team ended up finishing in 6th place with a time of 14d 21h 1m 58s. For full race results and times please visit