AdvanTec Industrial is North America’s industrial contract manufacturer of choice. Combining the capabilities of our family of brands, we enable our clients to outsource manufacturing needs by seamlessly leveraging integrated capabilities of the entire group.

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Our vertically integrated companies include: Surround Technologies, Advanced Flow Systems, and Advanced Bending Technologies. Our unique ability to offer many complimentary services and solutions sets us apart from all other contract manufacturers. By combining the capabilities of our companies and utilizing our engineering, production and project management teams, we can offer unmatched solutions to our clients. Starting with our in-house engineering teams, who can aid in reviewing mechanical, electrical and structural design, to our manufacturing engineers, we have the ability to act as an extension of our clients companies’ engineering resources.

Our ability to manage materials of virtually any size allow us to work on large and small projects with ease. Our facilities can load and offload raw materials and finished goods up to 115 tonnes. We can transport directly from our on-site dock which allows us to move large product by ship or barge.

AdvanTec Industrial has a 5000 sq ft paint booth, among others, making it one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest. With temperature and humidity control as well as heated floors, we can paint very large products to match your specifications. We even have the ability to line the inside of pipe with a number or coatings to suit many applications.


AdvanTec Industrial controls almost all aspects of production so that outsourcing is minimized. This enables us to control quality, price and production times more efficiently. From structural & mechanical fabrication to electrical integration we offer a “turn-key” solution to solve our clients needs. We ensure quality is never compromised and that our clients’ commitments are always met. We offer a wide range of services that aid our clients in reducing their number of internal resources, vendors and overhead necessary to run a successful business.

AdvanTec Industrial offers the following services to minimize outsourcing and to enable successful project completion.

    • Cold Bending

    • Custom Enclosure Fabrication

    • Heat Exchanger Fabrication

  • Helical Coil Fabrication

  • Induction Bending

  • ISO Container Modification

  • Large Diameter Pipe Bending (Up to 48″)

    • Precision Machining

    • Pressure Pipe Spooling (Carbon, Stainless, & Other Alloys)

    • Pressure Vessel Fabrication

  • Structural Fabrication

  • Structural Steel Bending

  • Tank Fabrication

  • Tube Bending
AdvanTec Industrial maintains a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers to support our clients’ manufacturing needs. Our team uses the latest software and tools to ensure the highest level of compatibility and precision with our clients’ designs. With many years of collective experience, our engineering team collaborates with our clients’ engineering resources to ensure their products are built to specifications and meet expectations. We provide a full range of manufacturing engineering services to meet all our clients’ needs.

    • Civil Engineering

    • Electrical Engineering

    • Engineering Innovations

  • Manufacturing Engineering

    • Manufacturing Process Optimization

    • Mechanical Engineering

    • Structural Engineering
AdvanTec Industrial maintains a staff of journeymen electricians and designers who specialize in integrating and designing complex electrical systems for industrial application. They strive to make finished products function flawlessly as well as easy to service and maintain after commissioning. They take tremendous pride in their work.

    • Cabling

    • Electrical Cabinet Design and Fabrication

    • Electrical Systems Testing

  • Generator Integration

  • Hazardous and Explosion Proff Electrical Component Integration

  • HVAC Installation and Integration

    • Integration of Controls

    • Low, Medium, and High Voltage Electrical Integration

    • Motor Control Centre Integrations

  • Switchgear

  • Termination

  • VFD Installation
AdvanTec Industrial provides capabilities with our paint department that few can match. Our Maple Ridge facility boasts one of the largest paint booths in the Pacific Northwest. From wet paint to powder coating, we can offer our clients a finish for their products that suits the right application.

    • External Pipe Coating (Epoxy & Polypropylene)

    • Heated Floors

    • Humidity Control

  • Internal Pipe Lining (Epoxy & Polypropylene)

  • Multiple Paint Booths up to 3 Stories, 5000 sq ft

    • Painting Systems

    • Powder Coating

    • Sandblasting

  • Temperature Control


AdvanTec Industrial offers the following in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities as well as many others, to maintain a high level of quality fabrication in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Expand each of the headings below to view a list of our capabilities in each category.

    • Bracing

    • Coatings

    • Foundations

  • Lifting Plans

  • Occupancy Classification

  • Painting

  • Pipe Bending

  • Sand Blasting

  • Sealed Drawings

  • Seismic and Climate

  • Structural Loading

    • Supports

    • Composite Material Integration

    • Fire Suppression Systems

    • Heat Loads, Filtration, Pressurization

  • Heat Exchangers

  • HVAC System

  • Integrated Clean Agents

  • Plumbing

  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Process Piping

  • Process Systems

  • PVC Integration

  • Sealed Room Integrity Testing

  • Sprinkler Systems

    • Tanks

    • 120/240V, 600V to 4.16kV

    • AC and DC Voltage

    • Access Control

  • Battery and UPS Systems

  • Electrical Wiring

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Grounding/Bonding

  • Instrumentation

  • Interconnects

  • Motor Control Centre Installation

  • PLC, Cat5, Fiber Optics

  • Power Cables

  • Power Generator Integration & Wiring

  • Switchgear

  • Transformers

    • VFD Installation

Why Choose Us?

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AdvanTec Industrial is able to obtain volume pricing on raw materials, components, parts and other items by combining the purchasing power of our group of companies.  These savings translate into better pricing for our clients, helping to reduce the cost of manufacturing.  Our supply chain team is also able to control inventory levels to ensure we have adequate supply of materials to complete work on time as well as successfully manage aggressive increases in production.
AdvanTec Industrial is not just a sum of its individual brands but it also relies on AdvanTec Marine to further leverage their combined capabilities and minimize additional costs/margins associated with manufacturing outsourcing. Our ability to share resources across our group of companies, and our two divisions (Industrial & Marine), allows us to maintain flexibility in allocation of resources to help our clients rapidly scale up.

Our unique manufacturing process is what sets us apart. We follow this process from our first meeting with our clients to the final delivery of their products. Our ability to manage complex projects relies on this process and form the cornerstone of our project management team. The process we follow gives confidence to our clients that we can measure our progress on even the most complex projects from start to finish. Our ability to plan the entire manufacturing process allows our customers to focus on their business while we build their products with the strength of a world class team in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Lean more about our process.

The AdvanTec Industrial division’s diverse capabilities allow our customers to benefit from our combined experience and diverse talents. Our team is able to combine resources to facilitate very complex demands and to help our clients make their products manufacturing friendly (DFMA). Our group manages all aspects of the manufacturing process allowing us to control costs, quality and maintain expected build schedules.

We specialize in helping our customers design their products for manufacturing by highlighting potential risks in the product design, selected materials and previous manufacturing process. Our manufacturing engineers know how to maintain product process designs while making them easier to manufacture, thus reducing cost while ensuring high quality.

The AdvanTec Industrial division’s companies are conveniently located on the West Coast of North America. Our locations are strategically located near our customers as well as close to major transportation routes for ease of shipping products to global markets. AdvanTec Industrial is able to allocate production amongst our various locations with ease to allow for our clients to scale up production while maintaining expected production schedules.

Our facilities are all equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machinery and are staffed by a highly skilled labour force. Our engineering teams are strategically positioned to ensure their ease of access throughout the entire manufacturing process. Learn more about our facilities.

Our sales team has a wide variety of industry experience and a deep understanding of all the markets we serve. This expertise allows us to work more closely with our clients through the consultation phase of our process. The sales team understands our manufacturing capabilities and know how best to leverage them to meet our customer unique products needs so that our clients can be presented with the best options to meet their needs. Whether it is leveraging the capabilities of one or all of our group of companies, our sales team works together with our clients to solve simple and very complex requirements.


Our ISO 9001 certified Canadian and US facilities are located on the West Coast of North America. Our multiple locations allow us to respond to changing production needs of our clients. When the demand for our clients’ products exceed the capacity or capabilities of a facility, we can quickly increase production capacity and shift capabilities by either moving or adding production slots in one or more of our production facilities.

AdvanTec Industrial owns all of its production space which exceeds 450,000 square feet and is still growing. Our production facilities reduce the risk of production bottlenecks and allow our team to move manufacturing based on customer production volume increases or other market demands.

Whether it is shipping large product by land, water or rail, we can facilitate material handling with ease.

Click the locations below to view details about each facility.

43676 Progress Way,
Chilliwack, BC,
V2R 0C3, Canada

27372 Gloucester Way,

Langley, BC,
V4W 4A1, Canada

27222 Lougheed Hwy.,
Maple Ridge, BC,

V2W 0C9, Canada

5250 94 Ave SE,
Calgary, AB,
T2C 4E5, Canada


At AdvanTec Industrial, it’s all about relationships. Over the years, we have not only manufactured products, but have enabled companies to grow by working together. Our clients leverage our capabilities so they can focus on what’s important, growing their businesses.

We are always revolutionizing the interaction with our clients and the work we perform. Our success has been driven by our customer loyalty and striving for absolute customer satisfaction, but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what a few of our clients have said about us.

We first worked with AdvanTec Industrial when our previous manufacturer got us into a difficult situation. AdvanTec Industrial not only finished our project, taking care of our customer, but they also did it in record time. Since then, AdvanTec Industrial has been our trusted partner on all our projects. AdvanTec Industrial is a key part of our Team.

Brent Jaklin, Managing Director, Greenlane Biogas

We are very excited to be working with AdvanTec Industrial. They have been an instrumental partner in enabling NuWave to manufacture our product allowing us to reach our market more quickly. Our partnership with AdvanTec Industrial has allowed us to remain focussed on our strengths, research and development of our products, while trusting them to maintain the quality of manufacturing our clients expect and we demand.

Greg Stromotich, CEO, NuWave Research Inc.

Case Studies


Reducing manufacturing costs and speeding time to market by leveraging AdvanTec Industrial capabilities and services.


Inspired by a commitment to helping waste producers improve their green credentials whilst also improving their profitability.


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The following is a list of our Health & Safety and Manufacturing Regulatory Certifications:

BCCSA COR Certification
ISO Certification
ASME Certification
ASME B31.1 Certification
AWS D1.2 Aluminum Certification
CSA B51 Certification
CSA W47.1 Certification

Certifications by Company

For any additional resources and document downloads for the AdvanTec Industrial family of brands, please visit our resources page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

Vertical integration is the ability of AdvanTec Industrial to offer a comprehensive suite of manufacturing and integration services by integrating the manufacturing and integration capabilities of all of the companies in its portfolio. Companies that make up AdvanTec Industrial are Surround Technologies Inc., Advanced Flow Systems and Advanced Bending Technologies. Together they form AdvanTec Industrial which is a vertically integrated single point of contact that the market can engage should the capabilities of more than one company in the portfolio be required on a specific project/program.

AdvanTec Industrial has facilities in both Canada and the United States. This capability allows us to manufacture and integrate in both countries. Our Oregon facility boasts a wide array of capabilities as well as ample productions pace to meet most manufacturing needs. AdvanTec can look at a client’s specific manufacturing need and find the optimum solution that will ensure the product meets all state/provincial and federal regulatory requirements while ensuring manufacturing and cost efficiencies.

AdvanTec Industrial combined has over 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space at its disposal. Employing over 900 across six facilities, enabling the group to respond quickly to our clients’ needs. Our manufacturing teams are cross-trained and can move efficiently from one task to another without the need for further training. We tightly monitor our work schedules and can add shifts as required to add capacity in any of our plants.

AdvanTec has a proven track record of enabling its clients to meet aggressive manufacturing ramp-ups without sacrificing quality or cost.

AdvanTec Industrial has significant purchasing power. Due to the volume of projects/programs going through our multiple facilities we are able to work with our suppliers and vendors to obtain competitive pricing and pass on those savings to our clients. Our supply chain department carries decades of collective experience and is able to source commodities (raw material & parts) both nationally and internationally and achieve impressive results.

A “turnkey” solution is our ability to provide our client with a “fire and forget” solution for manufacturing. Our clients provide us with all of the necessary information required to manufacture their products/systems and AdvanTec Industrial will ensure that the system is ready to be picked up at one of our facilities and delivered to the owner or to our clients for additional work, if so required. AdvanTec Industrial can take on the entire manufacturing scope of work (SOW) should that be required or a partial one delivering subassemblies/components that are then ready for final integration by the client.

Design for Manufacturing (DFMA) is a continuous process that should be implemented at the product conceptualization stage and carried through the prototyping stage and all the way through the manufacturing scale up phase. There is not set phase at which it is critical for this to occur due to the fact that every phase presents a new opportunity to optimize product design to suit a manufacturing capability or a manufacturing need.

AdvanTec Industrial does not engage in process design engineering of systems. However AdvanTec Industrial possesses significant engineering capabilities to support our clients in manufacturing. Our engineering group consists of electrical, mechanical and structural engineers that can ensure our clients engineering design is ready for manufacturing and that our clients drawings meet our manufacturing needs as well as those of various regulatory bodies.

AdvanTec Industrial is able to manufacture custom designed pressure vessels and custom designed enclosures. This unique capability enables us to then integrate these two elements and provide the market with a turnkey solution that allows our clients to, in some examples, have a fully manufactured and tested self contained system delivered in a fraction of the time and cost that a site built and integrated system would normally take.

Have a project?

At AdvanTec we are committed to delivering manufacturing solutions across various industries to meet customer’s requirements. With industry specialists with collaboratively over 50 years experience, you will matched with the expert for your project that will work with you closely through the complete manufacturing process.