Spiral bending, also (and more accurately) known as “Helical Bending”, this type of bending forms the workpiece into the familiar curving shape employed in spiral staircases and handrails. The two most common shapes selected for spiral stair construction are channel and rectangular tubing. Rectangular tubes up to HSS 18x6x1/2 and HSS 12x8x3/8 as well as pipe and channel can be formed into a helix. Pipe is commonly used for handrails, although some designs, such as the one in the photo to the right, employ pipe for the main spiral stair stringers.

Care and attention to detail ensures that your spiral bending is produced exactly to your specifications. Our customers frequently comment that our spiral bending is “bang on!”

As an alternative to a true helix shape, angle and flatbar can be rolled flat to a true radius. Some additional fitting will be required.

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When requesting a quotation on Spiral Bending, please provide the following:

  • Radius in Plan View

  • Degree of Rotation in Plan View

  • Total Side Rise or Floor-to-Floor Height

  • Spiral Bending Material

Spiraled channel ready to ship

Spiraled channel ready to ship by Advanced Bending Technologies.

Staircase fabricated from 8″ and 5″ dia. pipe

Staircase fabricated from 8" and 5" dia. pipe.