As a leader in the low-deformation bending of structural steel, Advanced Bending Technologies is uniquely positioned to meet the requirements of this trend. When structural steel is exposed to public view, it has to look good. We have developed bending techniques that effectively maintain the original condition of the metal being formed. Ripples, bumps, and other surface imperfections often associated with standard bending methods are avoided, resulting in structural members that require minimal post-bend finishing.Because bending to AESS standards has to look good as well as be strong, it costs more to fabricate. Low-deformation AESS standard bending ensures that costly grinding and touch-up work is kept to a minimum. Advanced Bending Technologies has a well-earned reputation for bending to exacting AESS standards. It takes skill, craftsmanship, and uncompromising dedication to produce the kind of high-quality, zero-distortion bends that our customers have come to expect.

Our highly motivated and experienced team of metal bending specialists looks forward to the challenges of bending your steel to AESS standards.

Contact us if your project calls for bending to AESS standards.