Doosan Case Study

By leveraging the combined capabilities of the AdvanTec Industrial group of companies (Surround Technologies, Advanced Flow Systems, Advanced Bending Technologies) Doosan Fuelcell America (DFCA) has been able to successfully commercialize this cutting edge product where others have failed. DFCA being solely responsible for the patent design, critical component manufacturing & integration, sales and service relies on AdvanTec Industrial to provide a unique capability that ensures that the final product is cost competitive on the global market without sacrificing IP and product quality. Currently in the second year of production at the AdvanTec Industrial Maple Ridge facility the Doosan Powercell programme is becoming a recognized example of Canadian manufacturing successfully competing globally.

Cost Reduction

AdvanTec Industrial provides much more than manufacturing capabilities. Our team is able to provide manufacturing design input that can help reduce manufacturing costs, significantly reduce shipping costs in addition to reducing operational costs once the units are commissioned. By implementing the capabilities of Advanced Bending Technologies the team was able to reduce weld time spent on every unit. Not only did this reduce overall manufacturing time per unit but it improved system process flow while at the same time contributing to the increased life span of the part due to this unique manufacturing capability based change.

Doosan fuel cell rendering.

Advantec Industrial’s in depth understanding of manufacturing processes, packaging and integration of electrical, control and mechanical process systems enables our group to tackle complex designs that have been provided by our clients and provide valuable manufacturing perspective that, in some cases, can result in dramatic costs savings. AdvanTec Industrial’s robust supply chain has a global footprint that enables it to be cost competitive due to volume purchases as well it’s developed partnership with suppliers, manufacturers and partners around the world.

Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

Manufacturing and system integration experience of the AdvanTec Industrial team is an enormous value add for our clients. The collaborative effort between our engineering department and our production team provides our clients with a combined understanding from a design perspective, driven by engineering input, as well as a manufacturing perspective that is driven by production input. By leveraging these inputs the Doosan PowerCell has gone through several iterations driven by input from AdvanTec Industrial. These design changes have contributed to a cost reductions, optimized performance and improved the overall scalability of manufacturing that has enabled the Doosan PowerCell to maintain its market presence both domestically and abroad.

Scalable Manufacturing

Manufacturing scalability is a factor of product design and manufacturing capabilities. At AdvanTec Industrial we can control the manufacturing portion of the programme in its entirety and assist our clients with product design so that it is optimized for aggressive manufacturing ramp ups to meet our clients needs. Design changes, throughout the lifespan of the Doosan PowerCell, implemented while at AdvanTec Industrial enabled the product to be manufactured efficiently so that rapid growth that the PowerCell encountered was successfully managed. The flexibility of AdvanTec to use multiple locations for subassembly or component manufacturing provides our clients with the confidence that resources and floorspace will never be lacking.

Product Specifications

  • Input: Natural Gas

  • Gas Consumption: 66 SCFM / 3961 SCFH

  • Inlet Pressure: 25-35 bar

  • Electrical Output: 440 kW

  • Heat Output: 1.7 Million BTU/Hr

  • Ambient Temperature: -29 C° to + 40 C°

  • Sound Level: 65 dBa @ 33ft (10m)

  • Generating Cost: .14/.15 cents per kW

Doosan fuel cell.