Marine Windows, Doors, Hatches, and Custom Glass

Diamond Sea Glaze designs and manufactures custom windows, doors, hatches, and glass for customers around the world. DSG delivers what our customers demand: sleek, strong and secure closures. DSG closures have quality built in – so everything else stays out. Each order is manufactured separately from beginning to end in our 80,000 sq. ft. vertically integrated plant just outside Vancouver, Canada. We are one of a few closure manufacturers in the world that insists on processing it’s own glass so we can ensure optimum quality control.


We welcome you to review our portfolio of products, or to contact us to discuss your unique specifications and requirements for custom closures.


No leaks, no blow-outs, smooth operation, and excellent visibility is what boat owners have come to expect from Diamond Sea Glaze.


Since our inception, we have been focused on designing and manufacturing robust closures that can withstand the most severe conditions.


Our marine hatches are built for generations. When your kids start taking the boat out themselves, Diamond Sea Glaze will be there to keep them safe.


We pride ourselves in designing and building the perfect closure to fit your specific use and make it last – ultimately saving you money in the long run.


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I want to express my gratitude to YOU for the patience and persistence that you have practiced throughout this process. I am not sure that your other customers are as “challenging” as I am but your great customer service attitude comes through!

Dan Sessler, Project Manager, All America Marine, Inc.

Better quality product over other companies and they do it right. They deliver!!

WOW! The window turned out exactly as we had envisioned. We were able to mount the frame in the dodger without a problem and we continue to have neighbors on the dock tell us how great the window looks. Best wishes for continued success. We will be quick to recommend DSG in the future.

Craig & Krystle McMaster


Diamond Sea Glaze is fully ISO 9001 approved allowing design and fabrication of doors, hatches, windows, and enclosures for marine and industrial applications.

For a detailed list of our certifications please visit the AdvanTec Marine certifications page.


Installation, Adjustment, & Replacement Guides


Bolt-On: The closure is installed by bolting the frame to the cabin through bolt holes drilled in the mounting flange.

Butyl Tape: A sealant tape used between a window or door flange and the cabin of the boat to create an all weather seal.

Clamp Ring: An interior ring that is screwed to the outside portion of the window frame to clamp the window to the shell plate. A clamp ring installation allows for an installation with no screws showing on the outside (and no screws penetrating the shell plate).

Door Dogs: Lever handles that pull a door into its gasket creating a better seal.

Dutch Door: A horizontally split hinged door. The top of the door opens seperately from the bottom.

French Door: A vertically split hinged door. Both sides open seperately from each other.

Glazing: The material that is sealed into a frame. This could be any type of glass, Lexan, aluminum or steel.

Laminated Glass: Regular glass bonded together with Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). If broken the PVB holds the glass together to reduce injury.

Lexan: Lightweight plastic that does not break as easily as glass. Available with a scratch resistant coating.

Mitred Corner: An angled corner formed by cutting and welding each leg of extrusion on a window.

Radius Corner: A rounded corner formed when the window extrusion is bent in a bending machine.

Safety Glass: There are two types of safety glass. Safety laminated and safety tempered.

Sealed Units: Two pieces of glass sealed together with an air space in between to create superior insullation.

Tempered Glass: Glass that is heat treated and quenched to increase strength. It is approximately 5 times stronger than float glass. When tempered glass breaks it will shatter into many small and harmless pieces.

Watertight: Impermeable to water.

Weathertight: Secure against wind and rain.

Weld-In: The closure is installed by welding the frame to the cabin.