We pride ourselves in designing and building the perfect closure to fit your specific use and make it last – ultimately saving you money in the long run.


Fritted Glass (DiamondFrit)

The fritted or bonded window concept is a proven, highly effective glass closure option: the automobile industry uses the concept, referring to it as “direct glazing”. DiamondFrit windows are bonded directly to the structure with a high strength elastic adhesive. Frit glass windows are used in commercial and pleasure marine applications as well as in heavy equipment applications. The substrate can be fiberglass, aluminum or steel.

  • Long Life

    Borders consisting of a special ceramic high-density formulation are digitally printed onto the glass and baked in our tempering oven. The ceramic frit border covers and protects the bond from the sun’s UV rays, extending the look and life of your windows.

  • Stability

    The high elasticity of the bond seal maintains strength and durability, ensuring your window’s performance under wave impact, thermal movements and the dynamic stress encountered in marine use.

  • Smart Technology

    Frit window technology combines ease of installation – a straightforward process to prepare, place and bond into position – while delivering solid performance – the fused bond is both leak–proof and sound absorbing.

  • Designed to your Spec

    Diamond Sea Glaze ceramic frit marine closures are available in various tints, tempered or laminated in flat, curved or heated configurations – and delivered to your specifications.

  • Many Shapes & Sizes

Heated Glass (DiamondHeat)

Diamond Sea Glaze now offers electrically heated glass for marine and heavy equipment closures. DiamondHeat glass provides greatly improved visibility in severe weather conditions, making it ideal for tugs, fishboats, military craft or any commercial craft or heavy duty equipment that operate in extremely cold or damp environments. Enjoy the clarity of fog–free windows with DiamondHeat.

DiamondHeat electrically heated panes are easy to install and are maintenance free. Whether you are constructing a new vessel or retrofitting, consider the installation of DiamondHeat windows for safety, ease of navigation and comfort.

  • Laminated, Tempered Glass
  • Choice of Thickness
  • Clear or Tinted
  • Direct Glaze or Framed Windows
  • 3 LED Status Indicators
  • Supply Voltage – 115 or 220VAC
  • All Glass Conforms to…

    ATSM–C–1048/CAN–CGSB–12.2 M91 optical standards and ANSI–C97.1/CAN–CGSB–12.1 M90 safety glass tempered and laminated standards.

  • Solid State Thermostat with Redundant Safety Control

  • Maintenance Free

Diamond Sea Glaze heated glass.

DiamondFrit Standard Glass-in-Glass

Diamond Sea Glaze offers custom and digitized glass shapes to your specifications, including glass in glass.

DiamondFrit Flush Glass-in-Glass

Coming soon!

DiamondFrit Flush Portlight-in-Glass

Coming soon!