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Diamond Sea Glaze

Installation, Adjustment, & Replacement Guides


Bolt-On: The closure is installed by bolting the frame to the cabin through bolt holes drilled in the mounting flange.

Butyl Tape: A sealant tape used between a window or door flange and the cabin of the boat to create an all weather seal.

Clamp Ring: An interior ring that is screwed to the outside portion of the window frame to clamp the window to the shell plate. A clamp ring installation allows for an installation with no screws showing on the outside (and no screws penetrating the shell plate).

Door Dogs: Lever handles that pull a door into its gasket creating a better seal.

Dutch Door: A horizontally split hinged door. The top of the door opens seperately from the bottom.

French Door: A vertically split hinged door. Both sides open seperately from each other.

Glazing: The material that is sealed into a frame. This could be any type of glass, Lexan, aluminum or steel.

Laminated Glass: Regular glass bonded together with Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). If broken the PVB holds the glass together to reduce injury.

Lexan: Lightweight plastic that does not break as easily as glass. Available with a scratch resistant coating.

Mitred Corner: An angled corner formed by cutting and welding each leg of extrusion on a window.

Radius Corner: A rounded corner formed when the window extrusion is bent in a bending machine.

Safety Glass: There are two types of safety glass. Safety laminated and safety tempered.

Sealed Units: Two pieces of glass sealed together with an air space in between to create superior insullation.

Tempered Glass: Glass that is heat treated and quenched to increase strength. It is approximately 5 times stronger than float glass. When tempered glass breaks it will shatter into many small and harmless pieces.

Watertight: Impermeable to water.

Weathertight: Secure against wind and rain.

Weld-In: The closure is installed by welding the frame to the cabin.

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