Building, testing and delivering specialty projects requires the right tools, the right know how, and years of experience. Freeman has the experience, the facilities, and staff capabilities to make your project an on-time success.


Standard Cast Products

Freeman Marine 2120 cast hatch.

2100 Series

Ventilation Hatch

Freeman Marine 2130 cast aluminum lens hatch.

2130 Series

Lens Hatch

6101 Series

Console Door

Custom Cast Products

Freeman has the expertise to cast challenging shapes and features in large flat castings. Large castings such as access hatches can be done to your exact specifications.

Craftsman combine castings and fabricated louvers to create hinged ventilation access covers. Large panels, special shapes, intricate detail are all possible in large castings.

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Civil Engineering Closures

Freeman has leveraged their expertise to lead the way in the development of closures that keep large concrete pontoon structures afloat in a variety of severe marine and climate exposures. The protection and maintenance of watertight integrity for these ultra large concrete flotation platforms is critical.

These pontoon closures are for unique, sometimes extraordinary and unusual purpose-built applications, meeting criteria for strength, corrosion resistance, interchangeability, and service life for the exacting specifications of industrial designers, civil engineers, and contractors. The concrete pontoons are usually built on shore like a ship or boat, and upon completion are floated or launched into the water and towed to a permanent site.