First focusing on the marketplace’s need for a better commercial deck hatch, Freeman Marine today sells more styles, more sizes and more shapes of cast aluminum deck hatches than any other manufacturer in the world.


Freeman Marine 2400 series hatches.

2400 Series

Cast Hatches

Freeman Marine 3140 hatch.

3140 Series

Heavy Duty, Individual Dog

A Freeman Marine 3211 hatch.

3211 Series

Commercial Heavy Duty, Watertight, Flush

A Freeman Marine 3212 hatch.

3212 Series

Commercial Heavy Duty, Watertight, Raised

Freeman Marine 3440 hatch.

3440 Series

Heavy Duty, Single Leaf, Quick-Acting

Freeman Supplied Hatches, Manholes, & Scuttles

Freeman Marine carries an established line of fabricated structural marine hatches with proven quality. This range of heavy duty hatches is designed to meet the requirements of long range, trouble-free service in the harshest environments.

200 Series

Fabricated Hatches

300 Series

Fabricated Manholes

400 Series

Fabricated Scuttles

Looking for more hatches?

PCM manufactures quality yacht hatches constructed with the same high strength integrity as commercial structural hatches, however, the yacht structural hatches have a much greater emphasis on the finished look.