Naval Architects

Welcome to AdvanTec Marine’s Naval Architects Website Portal, where we aim to provide AdvanTec product design modeling. AdvanTec possesses a long history of design collaboration with naval architects, engineers, and designers. Our design collaborations include:

Defense Based Programs:

  • LCS-Littoral Combat Ship

  • MMSC-Multi-Mission Surface Combatant

  • SSC-Ship-to-Shore Connector

  • LCAC-Landing Craft Air Cushion

  • CUSV-Common Unmanned Surface Vessel

Commercial & Yacht:

  • Tugs & Workboats

  • Pilot Boats

  • Passenger Vessels – WETA, SIF-Staten Island Ferry, Hornblower

  • Yacht – S/M/L

  • Sport-Fisher/Yacht-Fisher


  • Civil Land Based

  • Fire Protection

  • Flood Mitigation

  • Tanks/WWTP/WTP

  • Oil & Gas

We supply .DWG files to registered Naval Architects users. Please use the steps below to create an account. For more information, or for any issues you’re having with the registration process, please contact Jason Setzer at (541) 373-0823 or by email at

Steps to Register

1. Download, fill and sign the Naval Architects Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Please scan or take a picture of the signed agreement and save as either a PDF or image file. You’ll need to upload the document in the registration form in order to be considered for approval.

2. Fill out the form on the Registration Page.

Fill out the registration form, uploading your signed NDA. When you hit submit you should receive an email confirming your submission.

3. Wait until an administrator approves your account.

Each submission must be reviewed by an administrator before being approved. Once approved, you will receive an email of the changed status of your account and you will then be able to access .DWG files through our catalog.

4. Login to your account through the Login Page.

Using the credentials you used to sign up, login through the portal. (This link is also supplied in the email received when your account has been approved).

5. View and download .DWG files using the Product Catalog.

Once logged in, you’ll see a link to download .DWGs on product pages as shown below. If you’ve followed the steps above and still cannot view or download .DWG files, please contact

Once you have accessed our modeling it is our intention to support your project/program, and hold the information and relationship with the highest degree of confidentiality. AdvanTec’s models are proprietary, and therefore we expect that our models and information will not be shared per the executed NDA.

Naval Architects product catalog example page.