Our Process

At AdvanTec we are committed to delivering manufacturing solutions across various industries to meet customer’s requirements. With industry specialists with collaboratively over 50 years experience, you will matched with experts for your project that will work with you closely through the complete manufacturing process.


It’s important we get to know you first. We are committed to delivering solutions to meet customer requirements using our process of customer consultation, creative and collaborative thinking, innovative design solutions, and world class manufacturing systems. You will find an experienced, dedicated, cross-functional team anxious to spend time understanding your needs.


Clients need manufacturing partners who think creatively, partners who can meet needs in new, innovative and cost effective ways. AdvanTec takes great pride in bringing innovation into each step of its manufacturing process. Each project is led by a strong project management team comprised of experts in different areas.


Different by design AdvanTec doesn’t approach projects like most others. Experience innovation in design. Continually learning how things can be done better, more cost effectively, and faster through collaboration with all our partners (customers, external expertise and internal expertise).


Where it starts taking shape! We take pride in every step of the process, that’s our standard. Manufacturing is where it all comes together, watching solutions for our customers come to life on our manufacturing center floors. Bending, custom fabrication, hydraulics, custom doors, and closures are just a few of our manufacturing capabilities.


AdvanTec doesn’t focus on delivering just a product. The deliverable for us is a promise. We’re committed to every facet of the promise we make each day to our employees, our clients, to the marketplace, and to the industry. Our promise is to provide a shared creative experience with all our stakeholders.