The well-known “Wide Flange” beam used widely in modern steel construction is designed specifically not to bend.

For years, architects and engineers have relied on the strength and flexibility of Wide Flange steel beams to create massive structures that are both safe and strong, which makes it even more amazing is that the experts at Advanced Bending Technologies are capable of bending wide flange. We bend these same steel beams into all kinds of interesting shapes.

Bending Wide Flange structural steel beams the “Hard Way” is an art as well as a science. Advanced Bending Technologies combines both, resulting in products of unusual accuracy. The accuracy of our bends ensures quicker fit-up and assembly, thus saving our customers valuable labor time.

To eliminate problems associated with the buckling of the inside flange in “Hard Way” bending, we have designed and built our own custom tooling especially for this difficult type of bending. We also specialize in tight multiple radii bending.

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California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

California Academy of Sciences roof beams.

Roof Beams for California Academy of Sciences

Roof Beams for the California Academy of Sciences.

Tight Radius – Pipe

Advanced Bending Technologies tube bending.

Tight Radius – Steel & Aluminum

Advanced Bending Technologies tight radius bends in steel and aluminum.

Pipe Bends

Advanced Bending Technologies pipe bending.

Primered Pipe Coils

Advanced Bending Technologies pipe bending.

Tight Bends

Compound Bends in Aluminum Pipe

Advanced Bending Technologies compound bends in aluminum pipe.

Stainless Bends

Advanced Bending Technologies general stainless steel bends.