Decades of doing the impossible with Structural and Architectural Steel.

Through a winning combination of persistence, innovation, and good old-fashioned hard work, Advanced Bending Technologies has established itself as an industry leader in structural bending, pipe bending, low deformation bending, and forming of structural steel. Our combination of experience and equipment offers you, the customer, a wide range of solutions and capacities in bending and forming. Whatever your need, whether large projects or small components, we form your material to your specifications. At Advanced Bending Technologies, the job is not complete until we achieve your requirements in accuracy and repeatability.

Our expertise in Pipe Bending and Structural Bending of Steel offers the following:

Greater flexibility for the designer

Significant cost savings in material and labor for the fabricator

Substantial savings by reducing or eliminating the number of elbows required in piping systems

Advanced Bending Technologies is much more than just another service-provider. Very often, our customers find that bringing us in at the design stage of a project can lead to dramatic cost-savings in both labor and material. Our experienced staff is eager to work with you in the never-ending search for innovative ways in which to save time and money on pipe bending, structural bending and low deformation bending. As leaders in the low-deformation bending of structural steel, pipes, and tubes, the experts at Advanced Bending are always ready for a challenge. Give us a call today!

We have a well-earned reputation for supplying unique and accurate products to a wide range of industries including:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Equipment Manufacturers

  • Shipbuilders

  • Steel Fabricators
  • Public Works Contractors

  • Architectural Designers

  • Pulp & Paper Mills


Our ISO 9001 certified Canadian facilities are located on the West Coast of North America. Our multiple locations allow us to respond to changing production needs of our clients. When the demand for our clients’ products exceed the capacity or capabilities of a facility, we can quickly increase production capacity and shift capabilities by either moving or adding production slots in our multiple sites.

Advanced Bending Technologies owns all of its production space that exceeds 450,000 square feet and is growing. Our production facilities reduce the risk of production bottlenecks and allow our team to move manufacturing based on customer production volume increases.

Whether it is shipping large product by land sea or rail, we can facilitate material handling with ease.

Langley Plant & Head Office

Calgary Plant


We are always revolutionizing the interaction with our clients and the work we perform. Our success has been driven by our success, customer loyalty and striving for absolute customer satisfaction.

Advanced Bending Tech supplied services for our project Hilton Grand Islander Hotel, Waikiki, HI. Rolled HSS sections with challenging profiles, were supplied for a monumental roof canopy feature on all four sides of the hotel at level 36. Our erectors were very pleased with the fit & finish of these rolled section. We greatly appreciate your services & level of skill provided in these rolled profiles. We look forward to our next opportunity to work with ABT.

Larry Dykier, Project Manager, Stearns
A picture of the Hilton Grand Islander in Hawaii.

I wanted to thank-you for the service provided in supplying the formed HSS for the Porsche Kelowna dealership. The shop was very impressed & commented more than once on the accuracy of the bends. Thanks again, and look forward to dealing with you once again.

Brian Donovan, Project Manager, Mid-Kam Manufacturing

Portfolio of Capabilities

Our team is highly skilled at bending all kinds of metals in a variety of sizes and shapes. We love a challenge and have developed ways of bending materials thought to be “unbendable”. View our portfolio to see examples of our work.

Explore each of the categories below for more details about each of our capabilities and to view our portfolio of projects.

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS)

We have developed bending techniques that maintain the original condition of the metal being formed.

Steel Bridges

Our ability to bend structural steel into creative shapes allows for freedom and flexibility of design.

Tunnel Arches

We have the capability to bend many types of steel that are used in modern construction.

Tube Bending

We can bend many different diameters of tube to suit your projects.

Pipe Bending

Our techniques for pipe bending can be broken down into two categories, cold pipe bending and induction pipe bending.

Structural Bending

We can bend materials previously thought not possible to bend.

Spiral Bending

Our team of experts can create beautiful spiral bends.

Multiple & Tight Radii Bending

Our bending process allows us to bend multiple and very tight radii.

General Bending

We can bend just about anything for our clients’ projects.

Elliptical Bending

Our team excels at elliptical bending for many applications.

Conical Bending

We specialize in conical bending for structural applications.

Ready to work with us?

We are always ready for new bending jobs, from public sculptures to water parks to unusual one-off prototypes for inventors. The only limitation is your imagination. Call us today!


We have many documents to download, from our client’s product specifications to our manufacturing process. Should you have any questions related to our documents or our contract manufacturing services, please contact us today!