Square and rectangular steel tubing, commonly known as HSS (Hollow Structural Section) is a favorite of architects and designers, and is widely used in buildings, stadiums, canopies, and bridges.

Our expertise in bending HSS tubing offers design flexibility to the architect while ensuring significant cost savings in material and labor for the fabricator. Our innovative tube bending techniques also offer substantial savings to the customer by reducing the amount of extra material required by the bending process.

The task of bending HSS tubing comes with its own set of unique challenges. The “Easy Way” bending of rectangular HSS steel tube, especially at minimal wall thicknesses, is prone to distortion and buckling. Innovative bending techniques combined with the in-house development of proprietary equipment ensures minimal distortion in bending.

All the more reason to rely on the experts at Advanced Bending Technologies! Contact us to request a quote on bending HSS tubing.

Lake Whitney, Connecticut – HSS 10″ x 10″

These photos show the stages in the construction of a unique water treatment plant erected in Lake Whitney, Connecticut. The design was made possible by multiple-radius bends rolled to tight radii. Advanced Bending Technologies was selected as the only company in North America willing to take on the task of supplying these challenging bends.

1. Shipping Lake Whitney Bends

Shipping bends for water treatment plant in Lake Whitney, CT.

2. Erection of the Steel Structure

Erection of steel structure for water treatment plant in Lake Whitney, CT.

3. The Completed Lake Whitney Building

The completed water treatment plant in Lake Whitney, CT.