Steel fabricators specializing in bridge construction look to the experts at Advanced Bending Technologies for the kind of high-precision, low-distortion bending that has built our reputation in the industry. The science of bending structural steel into creative shapes allows a freedom and flexibility of design that would be impossible if bridge designers were restricted to standard straight structural steel.

Salton Road Pedestrian Bridge
Abbotsford, BC

Salton Road Pedestrian Bridge in Abbotsford, BC.

24″XH pipe

Amgen Helix Pedestrian Bridge
Seattle, WA

Amgen Helix Pedestrian Bridge in Seattle, WA.

36″ pipe x 1 1/2″ wall

Lewis Avenue Automotive Bridge
Atascadero, CA

Lewis Avenue Automotive Bridge in Atascadero, CA.

42″ pipe x 1″ wall

Sea to Sky Highway Pedestrian Bridge
Squamish, BC

Sea to Sky Highway Pedestrian Bridge in Squamish, BC.

100′ x 20″ pipe x 1/2″ wall

24th Street Pedestrian Bridge
Calgary, AB

24th Street Pedestrian Bridge in Calgary, AB.

12″ pipe x 3/4″ wall

Castle Park Pedestrian Bridge
Port Coquitlam, BC

Castle Park Pedestrian Bridge in Port Coquitlam, BC.

10″ & 2″ XH pipe

Schooner Pedestrian Bridge
Calgary, AB

Schooner pedestrian bridge in Calgary, AB.

20″ pipe x 7/8″ wall

Tynehead Pedestrian Bridge
Surrey, BC

Tynehead Pedestrian Bridge in Surrey, BC.

HSS 16 x 16 x 1/2″ wall (parabolic curve)

Vedder Automotive Bridge
Chilliwack, BC

Vedder Automotive Bridge in Chilliwack, BC.

30″ pipe x 1″ wall

Golden Ears Automotive Bridge
Langley, BC

Golden Ears Bridge in Vancouver, BC

6″ O.D. tube x 3/16″ wall (guard rail) formed into an oval cross section and rolled hardway

Griffiths Drive Pedestrian Bridge
Burnaby, BC

Griffiths Drive Pedestrian Bridge in Burnaby, BC.

12XH Pipe

Saline Creek Pedestrian Bridge
Fort MacMurray, AB

Saline Creek Pedestrian Bridge in Fort MacMurray, AB.

48” Pipe x 1” wall

Princeton Pedestrian Bridge
Princeton, BC

Princeton Pedestrian Bridge in Princeton, BC.

3 ½” (Pipe x ½” wall)

Beam Cambering

In addition to both hard way and easy way bending, we offer beam cambering services for applications that require a small amount of offset over a long distance. Advanced Bending Technologies can accommodate Wide Flange beams up to W40x500# x 80 ft long.

Whether the material is pipe, tubing, or standard structural wide flange, Advanced Bending Technologies is your supplier of choice when it comes to bending structural steel.